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    This Understanding remains in place until either the Worker or Relyon us Cleaners terminates it. Both the Worker and Relyon us Cleaners may terminate this Agreement in writing with 10 days notice at any time. At the point of termination Relyon us Cleaners will not introduce the Worker to any further clients and the Worker agrees to no longer service any clients introduced by Relyon us cleaning. The Worker is self-employed and remains self-employed for the duration of this Agreement of Understanding. The Worker will receive payment for services delivered directly from the client at the rate agreed. Generally these rates are £10 to £13.00 per hour and if different agreed rate for different locations. ( One off Cleans) The Worker must not seek to vary this amount without prior discussion and agreement with Relyon us Cleaning . Regular Cleans. Relyon Cleaners pays the workers upon receipt of an invoice from the Worker for the work done All invoices must be in by 5pm Friday to be paid into the account the following Friday or contracted cleans payments our is paid by client depending on agreement. The Worker must notify Relyon us Cleaning when a client discontinues the services of the Worker. The Worker must also inform Relyon Cleaning if the client wishes to increase or decrease the number of hours provided. The Worker must inform the Relyon us Cleaning either by telephone or by email as soon as he or she knows that he or she is going to miss an agreed appointment with a client (due to sickness or holiday). As much notice as possible must be given so that Relyon us Cleaning can provide a replacement worker on a temporary basis. This limits the inconvenience for the client and maintains our professional service and that of the worker’s business too. Alternatively the Worker may provide a substitute, with prior agreement of the client, as long as the substitute is on the Relyon us Cleaning worker database (and has therefore undergone the vetting process). The Worker is free to submit any other workers for vetting so that they may be added to this database if cleared through our usual process. If a workers has a business with more than one cleaner we recommend all cleaners are passed through our vetting process so that worker substitution is more flexible within the worker’s own business. The Worker must present themselves for work at the days and times the client agrees with the Worker. The agreement on these details and the work to be done during this time is a matter of contract between the Worker and the client direct. Relyon us Cleaning does not employ workers. The Worker must present themselves to clients in a professional way and with smart appearance. The Worker shall not smoke on any client’s property. The Worker will be respectful of client’s property. The Worker should not use any abrasive material or bleach unless otherwise directed by the client to do so. Our insurance may not cover the use of such items and any claims arising from the use of such substances will be down to the Worker/Client and not Relyon us Cleaning In signing this Agreement Relyon us Cleaning does not guarantee to provide the Worker with any work. The Worker agrees to abide by the terms outlined above and also with our Home Assist Service Worker Guidance Note (where relevant) which will have been provided and which forms part of this Agreement. The Worker declares that they have no restrictions on working within the UK and they have not committed any criminal offences. The Worker is also aware that they are not employed by Relyon us Cleaning The Worker is acting in a self employed capacity at all times and is responsible for their own National Insurance contributions and income tax. The Worker also accepts that they are either already registered as self employed with HMRC or will register as soon as they begin work with our clients and also responsible for your own public liability.